Purchase & Lease Back

Purchase & Lease Back

For companies wishing to retain the use of their vehicles, yet generate capital from the sale, whilst transferring to a VAT beneficial method.

• Sale and leaseback transfer the ownership of your current vehicle/fleet to a finance company, you then continue to use the vehicles, leasing them for a monthly fee.
• This frees up cash for your business and can help you more effectively measure the cost of buying, financing, maintaining and disposing of your assets.
• Boosts cash flow, when you sell the assets that money goes straight into your cash reserves
• Easier Budgeting, monthly fixed rentals help you plan
• Upgrade potential, at the end of the agreement there is then the opportunity to upgrade through contract hire.
• Maintenance remains the customer responsibility, but bolt on maintenance packages may be available.

Key Benefits
  1. Releasing capital .

For anyone thinking about contract hiring a car, it's very important to understand what contract hire is - and what it is not - and how it works and if you have any questions no matter how small just give us a call.